15th International Symposium on High-Current Electronics and 9th International Conference on Modification of Materials with Particle Beams and Plasma Flows

11 September
The final version of the Scientific Program of 15th SHCE & 9th CMM is available.

26 June
Round Table Talk will take place on September, 25 in framework of 15th International Symposium on High-Current Electronics. Title of discussion is "Physics of formation of electron beams in dense gases: discrepancy between theory and experiment". All questions concerning attendance in the Talk address to a secretary of Round Table Valery Shklyaev

7 June
Deadline for hotel reservation is July 1, 2008. Dear participants, book a room just now.

5 June
Information on the registration numbers of submitted for publication manuscripts is available. In the file you can look through the registration numbers of manuscripts submitted to Local Organizing Committee for publication.

3 June
Information on payment options for participants from Russia and CIS is available on the site.

Dear Colleagues!

We wish to extend a cordial invitation to the mutually related traditional 15th International Symposium on High-Current Electronics (15th SHCE), and the 9th International Conference on Modification of Materials with Particle Beams and Plasma Flows (9th CMM) to be held in Tomsk, Russia, on September 21-26, 2008.

The programs of two conferences covers a wide range of scientific and technical areas including pulsed power technology, ion and electron beams, high-power microwaves, plasma and particle beam sources, modification of materials, and pulsed power applications in chemistry, biology and medicine.

The six-day conferences format will provide excellent opportunity for both formal presentation and informal discussion about topics of interest to conference participants.

The conferences will be held at the Rubin Congress Center and the Institute of High Current Electronics, both of them are located in the Academic Town of the Tomsk Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The conference location is 30 minutes (by bus) from Tomsk downtown.

The conference organizers, committee members, and session organizers of these conferences welcome you to our meeting. We look forward to your participation and sincerely hope that you will enjoy the scientific program and that your stay in Tomsk will be memorable.

General Chairman of the Conferences:

Gennady MESYATS,
Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia

Hosted by:

Institute of High Current Electronics SB RAS
Tomsk Polytechnic University
High Voltage Research Institute
Nuclear Physics Institute



Boris KOVALCHUK, Insitute of High Current Electronics, Tomsk, Russia
Gennady REMNEV, High Voltage Research Institute, Tomsk, Russia


Sections Topics (non-inclusive list) Organizers
1. Intense electron and ion beams Fundamentals of emission properties, emission from plasma, cathode phenomenon, intense beam transportation Efim Oks
2. Pinches, plasma focus and capillary discharge Z-pinches, X-pinches, plasma radiation sources, fusion, neutron productions, wire explosion, theory and modeling Nikolai Ratakhin
3. Pulsed power technology Generation of voltage and current pulses, power conditioning, components of high-current devices (energy stores, switches, transmission lines, etc.), compact modulators, repetitive pulsed power, explosive generators Alexander Kim
4. High power microwaves Vacuum and plasma HPM sources, Cherenkov and gyroresonant devices, vircators, superradiance, microwave pulse compression, problem of pulse shortening Vladislav Rostov
5. Pulsed power applications Pulsed power application in technology, chemistry, biology, and medicine Boris Kovalchuk



Nikolai KOVAL, Institute of High Current Electronics, Tomsk, Russia
Alexander RYABCHIKOV, Nuclear Physics Institute, Tomsk, Russia


Sections Topics (non-inclusive list) Organizers
1. Beam and plasma sources Sources of charged and neutral particle beams; plasma sources for modification purposes; hybrid devices and installations for complex material treating Georgy Yushkov
2. Fundamentals of modification processes Particle-solid and plasma-solid interactions; structural transformations (theory, modeling, experiments) Alexandr Korotaev
3. Modification of material properties Modification of mechanical, thermal, electrical, optical and corrosion properties of materials; hybrid methods of modification; novel technologies for industry Valery Krivobokov
4. Coating deposition Deposition by particle beams, magnetron sputtering, and arc evaporation; surface cleaning, etching, and activation; multi-layer coatings; hybrid processes Nikolai Koval
5. Beam and plasma nanoscience and nanotechnology Beam and plasma for nanoscience and nanotechnology Sergei Psakhie